My gap year

I’ve never been one really to talk about myself. I’ve always been a bit of a wallflower just trying to blend in, but this blog is my story. This is me.

Growing up I was never the brightest kid, I got pretty average GCSE results and OK A levels. I was never expected to go on to do great things. This is why the past year or so I’ve been working for me to prove to myself to me.

From the end of December 2017 to August 2018 I am travelling. I have taken a gap year to enjoy myself and enjoy life. I worked all through out college working as many shifts that was physically possible and then worked full time for 6 months in a bank and then for the council. I’ve saved and saved to afford this trip. The next half a year is for me.

I am visiting 10 countries in the next 6 months so I will be documenting them along the way. The countries I will be visiting are:

– Australia
– Fiji
– Thailand
– Vietnam
– Cambodia
– Laos
– Peru
– Argentina
– Bolivia
– Brazil

I tried really hard to write a journal but that went horribly wrong so hopefully I can actually keep this up *fingers crossed*.

– AmyD92FCD0C-9AA5-4CC1-A318-6B4239400292.jpeg

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