The East Coast

The east coast of Australia is definitely worth the hype it gets. There’s everything to see and do here from hippy markets in Byron bay, wonderful cities such as Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns, and beautiful beaches/ coast line. On top of this there is a lot of history to learn about aboriginals, convicts and immigrants.

I started my trip from Sydney and worked my way up the coast finishing in Cairns. I did the trip in 2.5 weeks and I feel this wasn’t enough time as there was just so much to see and do. I stopped in many places along my trip to Cairns and I have listed my favourite things I did below.

  • 3 day yacht tour around the Whitsundays. This was a wonderful trip even though I got slightly (very) sea sick and the weather was questionable. I stopped at the incredible Whitehaven beach with its white sands and clear blue water. As it was a 3 day trip we weren’t restricted to time at Whitehaven beach. There were many people visiting on day trips that were rushed as they were on a strict schedule to be back in time.

  • Noosa. Noosa is a small beach town which is very diverse. There’s a beautiful beach, Rainforest to walk, viewpoints of the coastline, shopping areas and everglades. I stayed in Noosa everglades ecocamp which is a small camping grounds on the outskirts of Noosa away from internet and phone signal, it was a nice retreat away from all things luxury. I went on a day trip from here to the everglades where we canoed through them for a few hours. Now let me tell you, canoeing isn’t as easy as it looks. I was in a 3 person canoe and we just couldn’t get the hang of the timing and were not in sync at all. We ended up crashing into trees on both sides of the river and doing full 360 turns. Thinking about it now it was hilarious, just at the time it was frustrating seeing everyone overtake us.
  • Fraser island day trip. The day started off pretty early as we had a lot to see and do all in one day. It would have been better if we had 2 days as we wouldn’t have been so rushed to see everything. We went to lake McKenzie which is beautiful, hikes the rainforest and saw an invisible creek. I loved learning about the history of the area and the plant life. Unfortunately we saw no dingos.
  • Byron Bay. I absolutely adored Byron. There’s so much to see and do here. I learnt how to surf (which didn’t go very well at all), went sea kayaking, and explored all the quirky shops and markets. When I went sea kayaking we saw dolphins who swam next to us as we rowed. It was a great experience. In the morning before I left Byron, I woke up really early to hike up to the Byron bay light house. Getting up early for the hike was worth it as it meant we were not doing it in the 35+ degree heat. Also it is a very popular hike so it meant that we were not doing it along with the hundreds of other people.
  • Airlie beach. After visiting the Whitsundays we stayed in Airlie beach as the dock is based here to leave to and from the islands. I spent Australia day (January 26th) here which was incredible as there were so many backpackers around my age and many bars to visit with great nightlife. The town is great with a lagoon to swim in and quirky shops to visit.

It was at the east coast where I completely fell in love with Australia and I cannot wait to be returning.

Next onto Cairns…

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