After Fiji I had to go back home for a few weeks to fulfil some commitments I already had planned. One of these was a 4 day expedition up in the Lake District, England. This expedition was one of the hardest things I have ever done and I was in no way fit enough to do it, I persevered though and got to the end with an injured knee. The weather was snowing on a few of the days and this didn’t wash down well with me as I am a person who absolutely hates the cold. I completed this expedition as a part of my gold Duke of Edinburgh award which, once completed, I will be awarded at one of the palaces in London.

I’m writing this post while sat in Heathrow airport, London, as I am now off to Asia for a couple of months. I had one month booked ages in advance to go by myself. One of my friends I met in Australia has decided to book this and join me which I am so excited for! More recently I have spontaneously booked another month to go with another friend I met in Australia. I will be visiting a total of 7 countries, these being: Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. I booked this as it’s not an official gap year until you go to Asia and turn into some hippy loving vegan.

From my previous experience of backpacking in Australia, I have managed to pack more efficiently this time around. I’ve only got a tiny bag for hand luggage, less clothes and no denim! Last time I packed so much and my bag weighed 18+ kilos which definitely had an impact on my back. Towards the end of the trip my back was killing me and always needed clicking where it was so heavy. Hopefully this time around I will be okay. I’ve also invested in packing cubes as everyone I met was raving about them, already I can say I am a changed woman since using them. They have helped me organise everything so much better and save so much room. I am much more organised this time.

I’ll be boarding my flight and I will be arriving in Bangkok very soon. Hopefully I will be uploading more regular blogposts about my trip this time around.

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