Injured in Cambodia

Currently I am in Cambodia having recently started up my travels again. 3 days into my latest adventure I injured myself and was taken to hospital for emergency treatment. Long story straight, I am an idiot and it’s my own stupid fault.

The day it happened I was on a night out having fun with new found friends and for some bizarre reason I thought it was a good idea to take my shoes off in a club. My feet were hurting and my shoes were rubbing so the logical solution to this was just to take my shoes off. Right?

So there I am having fun dancing and being a typical drunk mess until 1am (ish) when we all decided to call it a night and head back to our hotel. I collected my shoes and started making my way to a chair to sit down and put them back on, I hadn’t even walked a couple of meters before I had trod in glass. I stumbled about, thought nothing of it and carried on following my group down the stairs to find a tuk tuk to take us back. I was in pain so I slid down the stairs on my bum and my friend carried me from the bottom of them to the tuk tuk. Everyone just thought I had a blister. We were sat down just about to leave when we saw my foot covered in blood impaled with glass. My first reaction? I laughed. It would be me of all people. The people I was with suggested going back and using tweezers to pull the glass out and sticking a plaster over it. I was having none of it and nor was the Cambodian driver so we headed off to a hospital.

The hospital we found was a Chinese hospital and we didn’t understand them and they didn’t understand us. They saw me in pain and put me on a bed and started injecting me with random things, pulling glass out my foot and stitching me up. I knew it was bad as normally when I’m drunk and I hurt myself I can’t really feel it, this was extreme pain when I was drunk so something wasn’t right. An hour later I was sorted out, drugged up and ready for bed. The same driver who took us there waited about 2 hours to take us back again. What a saint.

It wasn’t until the morning we realised how dodgy the whole situation was.. I hadn’t had one of the main jabs from home (hepatitis B) to help prevent diseases, I was injected with random things and was given tablets to take which weren’t explained to us properly. We decided to go to another hospital in the morning where they could understand us to get a doctors report and an x-ray to check for more glass. We think they didn’t look for glass on the x-ray as when they showed us it they said I hadn’t broken any bones in my foot which we already knew.

In 10 days I have to get my stitches out in Vietnam in possibly yet another questionable hospital. For the time being I can’t walk and I am on crutches. The moral of the story? Don’t get drunk in Cambodia on $1 cocktails.

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