Vietnamese hospital

If you have read one of my previous blog posts, you will know that I injured myself in Cambodia and had to be rushed to hospital. Long story short is I trod in glass and had stitches in my foot. The stitches had to be in for 10 days and then I had to find another hospital to get them removed. 10 days after the incident I was in Vietnam so had to visit a hospital here for another traumatic experience.

The day I needed my stitches out was a Vietnamese public holiday, all the hospitals were shut as the doctors were on holiday, only emergency services were open and mine was not deemed as an emergency. Luckily my tour guide knew of a doctor and he was able to go to a closed hospital to let us in and he was able to sort my foot out.

In the hospital there was the doctor, my tour guide and myself. Everything else was shut off, it was the weirdest experience and felt like something in a horror movie. The doctor took us up a few floors where we went to the operating theatre. Sitting on the operating bed I began to panic, I lost all feeling in my face and my hands and after he was done I felt very faint. I don’t know whether it’s because I hadn’t eaten properly in a few days or because the experience scared me. Either way I was not in a good state. Standing up I felt like I was going to pass out, the doctor told me I needed to go to another bed where I could rest while he filled some forms out.

My tour guide and myself were sat in this room filled with beds while the doctor sorted out the forms, when he returned he passed them over and then said ‘bye’ and left us in the hospital. I kid you not, the doctor left us alone in the hospital while I was still in bed on the verge of fainting. After a short while I was able to remove myself from the bed and make our own way out the hospital. Even after a few hours after leaving I felt not myself and very anxious. But a day later I was back to my usual self.

Moral of the story.. don’t injure yourself in foreign countries.

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