It’s been a while since my last post, I’ve been very busy. Since Malaysia I spent time in Singapore and Bali, then flew back home. Since being home I have been on the go nonstop seeing all my friends and getting ready for my next adventure. Currently I am sat down in a cute independent cafe in the lake district people watching and finally have some time to sit down and write.

So enough of what I’m doing now, I will talk about Singapore. I spent a total of 4 days in Singapore and if I’m honest I really think that’s as much time as you need. The country is effectively a huge city and you can get everything done very quickly where everything is so close. The lovely thing about Singapore is that the country is so diverse with culture. People have moved here from many different countries and there’s different segments to the country. I stayed in Little India.

In September I will be starting university and will be studying geography. I’ve always loved the subject as I’ve been so passionate about the environment. Singapore has been the most eco friendly place I’ve ever visited. They have tolls for cars to pay when visiting certain zones to prevent car usage, plants lining every building to reduce co2 and create oxygen, smart bins that alert the rubbish men to collect the rubbish when it’s full to prevent over usage of bin bags and fuel to collect them, and also a restricted amount of cars on the road. To me this was so interesting to see as I’ve studied these techniques for years. The country is very developed.

During my time in Singapore, my favourite thing that I did was visit skypark which is a large area on top of the huge hotel on the marina which allows you to see for miles. Up here I watched the sunset and observed the city transform from day to night. To get up to skypark I had to buy a ticket which was a little bit pricey but it was so worth it. If you’re on a budget, you can go to the bar above sky park called ce la vie and watch the sunset up here for the price of a drink (although this is still pricey in comparison to the rest of Singapore). For 1 evening I justified the prices.

On the bay there is the attraction of gardens by the bay which are gigantic artificial trees that light up around 8pm each night for a magnificent light show. The show can get quite busy so it’s best to get there about 30 minutes early to guarantee yourself a good view. If you get there in good time you can go down to the trees and lay underneath them on the ground to watch them come to life above you. Another light show happens around 7pm actually on the marina where they use water fountains and laser lights to illuminate the marina. If you time yourself correctly you can watch this then head over to gardens by the bay to watch the second show as they are near by.

On one of my other nights I went to the night safari which was a great experience. I’m not one for visiting zoos as the ethos is questionable, however this safari park is designed to raise awareness. The animals are not caged at all, they are all on separate sections of land separated by moats. You are taken around the park in cars where you’re told facts and statistics about animals in the wild and what you can do to make a difference. At the park in the main lobby area there were dances, fire shows and other attractions to watch.

During the day I wandered a lot trying to resist spending my money. There are so many shops in Singapore but the majority of them are designer which I obviously couldn’t afford so didn’t bother looking. I spent one day doing hop on hop off bus tours, the price was about $30 (don’t quote me) for 24 hours. You could go on all of the bus routes and see all of Singapore learning the history in a short amount of time. Because of this bus route I was able to jump about the city in a small amount of time and find places I wouldn’t have otherwise found. My favourite find was Haji lane which was a indie/ artsy area with independent businesses. Lining the streets are cute cafes which are perfect to sit down in for an hour and people watch.

Also on the hop on hop off tour I was able to visit the merlion statue which holds importance to Sinapore and visit the marina during the day.

A final thing I did in Singapore was visit Sentosa which is an island dedicated to all things fun. It’s a perfect day out with friends as there are so many different attractions to visit. I visited universal studios, but other attractions included the aquarium, sentosa luge, madame tussaud’s and other likeminded things. I saved this day for my final day just incase I found different things actually in Sinapore I didn’t want to miss out on.

Over the next few days I will be hiking the lake district as my final part of my gold Duke of Edinburgh award so I hope to finally write about my amazing stay in Bali after.

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