24 hours in Bath

Around 4 years ago now I met one of my closest friends, Immy, on a family skiing holiday in the French Alps. Immy and I met on some skiing lessons that we participated in every morning for a week. We both talked for hours which I think annoyed our instructor but we didn’t care. Since that holiday we have near enough talked every day and met up a handful of times. We try and see each other at least once a year, but timing can be difficult where we are so busy. By luck, her brother went to university near me for 3 years which meant we could see each other more, but now we both drive which means we can drive to one another. Driving to see Immy takes around 2 hours, but the journey is always worth it.

I drove half the distance to her house, and stopped in Swindon where she met me there with her other friends I know, and we all went banana boating in on of the cotswold water parks. We spent an hour being thrown about on a giant inflatable sofa and a banana boat which was so much fun. Falling in the water scared me, not because I don’t like water, but because where everyone was being thrown in at the same time, limbs were flying everywhere which increased your chances of being hurt. Immy at one point had her ankle kicked and she genuinely thought she broke her ankle, and I head butted someone and thought I’d end up with concussion. After this experience I’m not sure I’ll ever feel the need to go again.

Once our activity was done, the time was about 2:30pm which was later than we had expected and we still hadn’t had lunch. So the first port of call was good. Trying to get food proved to be difficult as we had to try a few places before actually eating. We turned up at a cute cafe near her village to get food, but they had already finished serving, so then we decided to get food from tesco’s to cook at her house. Just as we had warmed up the oven to start cooking our food, Immy had a brain wave of getting nando’s. So off we went again on the search for food, we were finally eating our lunch at 5pm.

All evening we decided to have a chill night in, we wore face masks, drank cider and watched love island. It was so nice and relaxing just to chill with her and chat seeing as we only see each other on rare occasions.

The next day, we were thinking of things to do for the day, and I stated I had never been to Bath. She lives around 30 minutes from Bath so the logical decision to us was to take a visit. We ate lunch in a restaurant called ‘the oven’ which serves the nicest oven baked pizzas I’ve ever eaten. We followed this with a game of adventure golf in the botanical gardens. In the afternoon, we decided to take a visit to Bath thermae spa which cost £36 for 2 hours with the usage of flip flops, robes, 2 pools, saunas, steam rooms and ice rooms. Not bad value for money.

After our day in Bath, the time was about 5pm, we headed back to Immys house, I collected my things, then I began the 2 hour drive home.

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